Dr. Abraham



Apostle Abraham E. Fenton is the founder and was the Senior Minister of Abundant Life Fellowship located in Edgewater Park, New Jersey. Now pastored by their son Aubrey Fenton. Apostle Fenton has travelled the world holding evangelist crusades and services with supernatural signs and wonders. He is highly recognized by many world leaders and leaves a lasting imprint on those He touches. One of the main goals of his ministry is to teach believers how to live by the principles of God’s kingdom.  He has spent a lifetime promoting goodwill, understanding, and cooperation especially among the people who love God. Born into a long family dynasty in ministry, (he is the fourth generation of ministers of the gospel of Jesus in his family), Rev. Fenton has benefitted from an intense and lifelong immersion in the Word of God. Dr. Fenton has been in active Christian ministry for over forty years. He and his wife, Dr. Eve Fenton, have founded several churches in both the United States and West Indies, most of which are thriving to this day. They also have a unique and much needed ministry geared toward teaching and guiding other Christian ministers.  Together, they have five adult children who have served faithfully in ministry as well. Dr. Fenton uses a scholarly, thoughtful approach toward teaching the Word of God, and specializes in educating others about the principles of the Kingdom of God. The clarity and power of Dr. Fenton’s message in ministry has brought profound, measurable change to people’s lives in many countries. Apostle Fenton holds doctorate, graduate and baccalaureate degrees and certificates from Cambridge University, Oxford Graduate School, Jameson Christian College, Universidat di Aruba, and West Indies School of Theology. A statesman among Christian leaders, and a powerful promoter of love and unity among the people of God, Rev. Fenton works tirelessly to inspire others to work together in harmony.