Mrs. Trudy-Ann

“Making Disciples of All People” At all Age levels
The first years of a child’s life are important. Brampton Christian Family Church strives to help create an environment where young children can… Feel safe and loved, Learn about Jesus, Grow not only in the grace of God, but in the individual potential God has given them. Our goal is for children to learn that God knows them and loves them personally. One way to teach that is to make sure they feel cared for and cared about when they are in God’s house.
Sparks Kids meets every Sunday morning at 10 am in our main church building. Sparks Kids is for kids 0-5.

Nursery Fact Finder

A brain scan allows doctors to see how babies’ brains respond to various activities. When an adult catches a baby’s attention with a smile, a song, or a toy, a baby’s brain growth is stimulated.